Monday, July 9, 2007

Strange Comments... That I Can Relate To

The Daily star, Great Britain, recently done an interview with William Regal. In the interview, of course, they asked his opinions about the Benoit tragedy. It's not as if he's trying to excuse the acts, but more like, trying to create some reality of the maddness. As oppose to giving in to the sexy, sensationalized media hysteria. Here's a little bit of it.

"Chris and me were the grumpy old men, making out the younger wrestlers didn't have enough respect for the business. We used to police the dressing rooms together, making sure they didn't leave any trash in the dressing rooms and stuff like that. But you'd only ever be friends with Chris on his terms. The only way I can rationalize is to say that Chris lost the plot. I know, I've done it myself, had blackouts and all kinds of stuff. I can only think the poor lad has snapped, killed Nancy and thought that his son, who had problems, would have to grow up without parents and he thought it was a mercy killing. I am hoping someone can tell me that so I can put it to bed. I'm going to remember Chris for everything except the last two days of his life."

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